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If you are seeking for a compassionate, holistic and gentle approach to health and wellness then you have been divinely guided into the right hands. There is no more painful feeling than being lost, confused and in the dark about ones own well-being, and living life with the beleif that the power of your health is in someones else hands. I am here to sweetly tell you, although it may not feel like it in this moment, that you are your own healer and i am here to compassionately hold space for you to awaken the power of the healer that already lies within. To support you to bloom into your most empowered, vibrant and authentic Self. Every body holds the innate power and cellular intelligence of self-healing when given the correct tools and nourishment. My approach to health and healing is entirely holistic and based on the Ayurvedic principles of realigning balance between the mind, body and spirit, and tuning our innate nature to harmonise with the ebb and flows of nature itself. You already hold the key to activate this realignment, i simply guide you on your sacred path to uncover that key. Through 1:1 coaching sessions i create a nurturing space where you can trust that you will always be fully held, heard and supported through your healing journey. By planting seeds of faith and empowerment in the mind you can expect to navigate the beautiful terrains of self-discovery.


The most transformational journey one could ever embark on is not outside of ourselves, but the one within, back home to our most radiant true Self. Your true nature is not defined by your past, labels or limiting beliefs, and together we can courageously work through the blocks that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential and unleash the power that is already within. I believe that everybody is completely unique and bio-indivudality requires personalised care to support their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Through the holistic health system of Ayurveda i advise you on how to build a wholesome way of life to last an entire lifetime, that will empower you with the tools and wisdom to keep your mind and body balanced, nourished and thriving. Through your journey expect to explore deeper as we untangle the roots that may be holding you back from stepping into your power and from the internal peace and liberation that you deserve. If you are ready to step onto the path of empowerment, i lovingly applause you and welcome you with open arms. I wholeheartedly believe, know and trust that you have everything it takes to take the power of your health and well-being back into your own hands.



  • Feel lost, confused and in the dark about your own health and well-being.

  • Are attached to your label or diagnosis and have lost faith in your healing.

  • Have tried multiple diets, supplements and health fads but nothing seems to be work.

  • Are confused about what to eat, when to eat and the nourishment your mind-body needs to thrive.

  • Don’t know how to apply a balanced, wholesome and supportive way of life to your modern schedule.

  • Need guidance on how to live mindfully and create internal calm in today’s busy world.

  • Experience gastro-intestinal problems ( IBS, constipation, indigestion, acid reflux ect.)

  • Suffer with anxiety, depression and emotional instability.

  • Experience stress, fatigue and overwhelm.

  • Have low energy levels and struggle with lack of motivation.

  • Are affected by disturbed sleep, insomnia and unstable sleeping patterns.

  • Feel disconnected from feeling your emotions and being able to express them.

  • Struggle with low self-worth, esteem and confidence issues.

  • Live in fear and feel blocked from moving forward in life.

  • Feel disconnected from your mind, emotions, body and spirit.

  • Are willing to make changes to improve your health, well-being and happiness.



  • A personalised, unique and tailored approach to your health and wellness that focuses on you as a complete whole.

  • Integrating daily support of health through practices that are in alignment with the natural rhythm of the day.

  • Building the foundations of a supportive way of life through sacred lifestyle, ritual and self-care.

  • Guidance on integrative and holistic nutrition that supports the cellular rejuvenation of your body from within.

  • Integral focus on digestion and supporting a healthy digestive fire for optimal balance and well-being.

  • Movement as medicine, breath work and tools for the union of the mind, body and spirit.


  • Focus on the intelligence of the mind-body connection and harnessing its power for self-healing.

  • Understanding the cellular and energetic impact of emotions, thought patterns and mental perception.

  • Mental health, mindfulness and stress management and how to cultivate daily inner peace and calm.

  • Effective tools for processing emotions through observation, process and release.

  • Meditation, grounding and self-soothing techniques to learn how to work in harmony with your mind.

  • Shift and activation to an empowerment mindset that operates in higher states of awareness.

  • Evaluation of core boundaries, values and belief systems to support the journey of self discovery.


  • Identifying the root cause and triggers of manifested physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

  • Healing from the root and working through blockages within all physical and energetic layers of the mind-body.

  • Hold space to process trauma and undigested emotions that is stored in the cellular memory of the body.

  • Working through childhood and identifying sub-conscious rooted limiting belief systems and trauma.

  • Inner child healing and learning the art of re-parenting, letting go and acceptance for the deepest healing.

  • Developing a deep connection to Self, purpose, nature, humanity and place in the wider world.

  • Accountability throughout your wellness and healing journey.

  • Support during the integration of new tools, habits and mindset shifts.

  • Reclaimed power over your health and well-being.

  • Deep integrated healing of the mind, body and spirit.

  • Sense of balance, calm and peace from within.

  • Restored positive outlook on life that embraces gratitude and inspiration.

  • Belief in the bodies innate ability to heal and thrive.

  • Renewed sense of self worth, confidence and empowerment.

  • Deeper connection to your Self through love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

  • Ability to harness the power of emotional intelligence to navigate life with grace.

  • Strengthened sense of intuition to tap into your innate and infinite source of wisdom.

  • Healing homework with actionable steps to be completed at home.


global 1:1 sessions

Via Skype and FaceTime



90 mins x £120


  • 1 X 90 minutes of 1:1 holistic wellness coaching via Skype or FaceTime.

  • Identify symptoms, health concerns and any imbalances within the mind, body and emotions.

  • Review of current circumstances, diet, lifestyle, stress levels and childhood.

  • Specific protocol according to your unique health concerns to be put into action as your next step.

  • Advised tailored nutrition, lifestyle tools, healing techniques and coaching support.

  • Support, love, compassion and the initiation onto the path of your wellness and healing journey.

  • Healing homework prescription to be completed at home to support your development.




12 SESSIONS X £1220



3 month empowerment path

1 x WELLNESS consultation 90 mins

11 x coaching sessions 60 mins

  • 1 X 90 minutes 1:1 Wellness Consultation.

  • 11 X 60 minutes of 1:1 weekly wellness, healing and empowerment coaching via Skype of FaceTime.

  • This package requires deeper commitment, connection and compassion to embark on the journey of deep healing.

  • Deeper accountability to support you through the process of healing, integration and transformation.

  • Safe container to receive additional support to work through traumas, blocks and belief systems.

  • Commitment to implement shifts and changes to guide you to your most authentic and healthiest Self.

  • Allows space for deeper guidance and for you to do the healing work while feeling safe and held.

  • Space to implement long-term sustainable changes while growing, exploring and evolving on your journey.

  • Healing homework prescriptions to guide you through your self-discovery and transformation.

  • For the Empowerment Path i provide exclusive additional support for my clients via e-mail or WhatsApp.


if you are ready to empower yourself


All you need to bring with you to each session is the willingness to be held, heard and seen with love as you embark on your wellness and healing journey. I am beyond excited to meet you and trust that if you have felt the calling to book a 1:1 session it is because we have been divinely guided to each other to let this work unfold. I make the commitment to my clients to show up with the upmost honour and integrity, i see this work as the deepest privilege and will only provide you with every inch of my souls knowledge, wisdom and passion. I trust that you are more than ready to commit to taking your power back.

  • Get in contact to book your free 15 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit.

  • Book your most suited coaching package and arrange a time slot for an initial Wellness Consultation.

  • After booking your selected service you will receive a pre-consultation Wellness Intake Form via e-mail.

  • Payment plan option available.

please kindly note that all services are non refundable and have a 24hr cancelation policy.


1:1 session