Wellness Shop


The WELLNESS SHOP is a products to support your well-being and keep your mind, body and spirit in balance. In Ayurveda we know that the power of true health comes from within, but there are a few key pieces that can help you create your own nurturing space, keep your energy cleansed and restore calm along the way.


palo santo


Essential Oil Storage Case


selentine crystal


linen meditation cushions


handcrafted bamboo pen




lavender eye pillow


white sage smudging stick


candle oil diffuser




WHITE SAGE with shell


straw meditation mat


dalmatian jasper palm stone


himalayan salt lamp


energy cleansing kit


100% organic cotton blanket


organic candle


blue light blocking glasses


silk lavender eye mask


eco-friendly cork YOGA MAT


selenite wand


singing bowl


lavender wheat bag


meditation sand timer


noise block headphones


portable sad lamp


noise masking sleep buds


selentine lamp


beeswax tealights


meditation cushion




lumie body clock


cork yoga block


meditation floor chair


koshi 4 elements wind chimes


singing bowl


moleskin journal




koshi earth wind chime


hot water bottle

+ eye mask


wireless speaker


yoga blanket


yoga bolster


singing bowls 7pcs set


bath tray


white sage

agua de florida


a4 journal