You Are Your Own Healer



“True power is living in the realisation that you are your own healer, hero and leader.”

- Yung Pueblo



You Are Your Own Healer

The overarching concept of Ayurveda, is that we all hold the innate intelligence and power to heal and transform our mind and body from a DNA, cellular and mollecular level. We have the infinite power in our own hands to shape-shift, recreate, transmute and transform our realities. You are your own hero, healer, teacher, leader, best friend, therapist, nutritionist, personal trainer, motivator, guru and guide. You are everything you could ever imagine already wrapped into one. It can just take a gentle nudge in the right direction, to begin to undo the layers to gently rediscover the most powerful connection you have had all along- the one with your highest Self. The one that does not operate from a place of low ego, fear, lack, judgement or shame. But, one that knows the upmost joy, abundance, trust and eternal unconditional love. The one that protects you, guides you back if you have lost your way and is your inner compass on the path of your destiny. Unconditional love is the only truth in this human experience. Pain, fear and suffering are part of the illusion teaching you how to see that no matter what, there is always unconditional love.

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