Come Home To Yourself



Come home to yourself. Stop running. Stop hiding. You are worthy, enough, capable and so much more. Come home to yourself. You are allowed to rest here.

- M.B



Come Home To You

Come home to yourself, kindly, gently and sweetly come home. That place, person and thing you are searching, seeking and yearning for is you. You have all the answers, everything you will ever need is already within. Take a moment to pause, reflect inward, notice listen. In solitude surrender to come home to your vessel, your home is your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Put your energy flow into nurturing this delicate harmony first and foremost, the rest will fall into place as it is destined too. Nurture your being with unconditional care, appreciation and devotion. With every sweet act of kindness you nourish your Self with, you are able to sow the seeds for an abundance of love, gratitude and respect to grow. Let your internal home flourish with kindness and let this overflow pour out in the lives and hearts of others.

CiCis Ayurveda