Fear • The Inner Compass


Affirmation : Fear, I Love You


We do not transform, grow, or evolve as much as we do than on the days where we face fear. When we still show up with courage, to face that which subtly or overwhelmingly makes us feel uncomfortable and resistant. Healthy dosages of natural fear are not meant to be suppressed but truly embraced and transformed into growth. Fear is your inner compass and guide on your path to exactly where you are meant to be going and growing. It shines light on the areas you need to heal and expand so you can work through the darkness and emerge into the light. However, fears only duty is to keep you comfortable, and keep you in the exact same place that you are to stop you from growing; out of fear of the unknown. Fear simply fears fear itself. It’s natural instinct is to try and protect you from the unknown and create illusions of danger that may lie ahead. It is this great unknown that most of us are afraid of, that stops us from trying something new or even following our dreams and desires- but it is in this space where profound transformation and manifestation happens, and it is a space where we must become more comfortable in being. It’s time to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Beyond The illusion

Fear will create illusions in your mind giving you reasons and creating endless scenarios for you not to do something, to delay something, to replay the i’ll start tomorrow or i’ll start when i’m ready line, it will do everything in its power to stop you facing anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, slightly nervous or uncertain. But, the truth is you’ll never be ready, there will never be a perfect time and the only way we can overcome our fears is by facing them from the internal space of our highest Self. Fear stops you facing your shadows and your wounds that need healing, often the deepest parts of us that need nurturing the most will be suppressed for years, or even a lifetime, out of fear of what will happen when we do. But, i can assure you there is nothing more liberating, and you will only be rewarded with deep divine healing on the other side. It is the law on nature of the universe and your inner microcosm to always restore equilibrium.

Conscious Awareness

Conscious living requires us to be fully conscious of all aspects of our being, including our light and darkness. All humans are a full complex spectrum of what it makes us to be beings that are able to feel and connect through the waves of emotion. We are not just light but an equilibrium of shadows too, we have many subtle layers that need our conscious attention. Fear is the main root block many of us face, but one that holds the key to the ultimate freedom when we step into our power to realise we do not have to be paralysed by our fear, but we are able to use it as our inner guide and compass to where we are meant to be going. All of the seven core basic human emotions are our natural internal navigation systems, that protect us and allow us to feel through the many depths of this human experience. Emotions allows us to develop taste and awareness, morals and ethics. We are able to develop personal understanding of our unique likes and dislikes, what makes us feels good, safe and supported and that which doesn’t. The emotion of fear is built into every single one of us, primarily it is there to keep us safe and away from danger. Each of our emotions need conscious connection and attention from the mind, that internal dialogue followed by action allows them to be expressed, released and given conscious awareness. Fear is like a child, and like a child it needs your loving and nurturing reassurance that it is safe, fear only fears fear itself. Reassure it you are able to handle with ease and grace all that comes your way, it is safe, protected and listened too. Ignite your internal courage that lies within as your natural anti-dote to fear. To be courageous it not to be fearless, but to feel fear and do it with strength anyway.


No matter what situation you may be in, what is on the other side of facing fear is nothing other than empowerment, liberation, growth and joy. That of the ultimate liberation and freedom when you take back your power, you get out of your own way and let life unfold through your divine vessel. With your own mind you are able remove blocks, overcome obstacles and follow the path that is destined for you with courage and determination. Begin to build a nurturing dialogue with your fear with unconditional love, the only truth is this experience is love. This connection between our mind, body, emotions and spirit is the most powerful connection we have the responsibility to protect. As your mind talks to the emotions, the body and spirit hears every single word and heals alongside them too. Everything is interconnected and do not underestimate the power of your thoughts and ability to shape-shift your mind to manifest the reality you desire.

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