Present Moment Surrender


Most humans are never fully present in the now. Because unconsciously they believe the next moment is more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life. And that’s a revelation to some people; to realise that your whole life is only ever now.

- Eckhart Tolle

Life Is Now

Give yourself permission to surrender to the present moment

Tomorrow is not promised to us

And yesterday no longer exists

All we ever have is now

This very moment right here, as it unfolds into the next

Live in the present moment

This is where your life is happening

Fill your heart with gratitude for each moment you are born again

Each moment is a chance to try again

A chance

To nourish

To heal

To forgive

To learn

To grow

To reflect

To share

To give

To recieve

To love

To listen

To care

To build

To transform

To nurture

To rise

It is in all these present moments that create the story of your life

Don’t miss it.

CiCis Ayurveda