Wholeness Is Within


The one you are looking for is you.

- Osho

Wholeness Is Within

Power is trusting and knowing everything you will ever need is already within. The love, wholeness, strength, courage and motivation you are seeking is inside of you. You are a powerful and resilient being, and the fuel you need to manifest your dreams, to heal, to let go and transform is the fuel from the fire that is already burning from within. Stop seeking and start surrendering. Surrender to the fact that you are everything you have been searching for. Wow, what a relief! What a relief to know that all this time, through all the confusion, all the pain and tears, it has been you all along. You are the one that is here to save you, love you, adore you, heal you. It is you, the one you have been searching for is you. What a moment to relish in, that in this very moment right here you can choose to step into your power, you can choose to accept that you are everything and more. Take a moment to pause and hold yourself in this thought. Lovingly melt into your own arms, sigh with relief, smile sweetly and come home to yourself.

Your Power

Let the layers that no longer serve you gently unravel and fall away. Your guiding voice and intuition will become stronger, the truth and answers you are seeking will rise to the surface- when you choose to create space and allow them to come through. Build the foundations within yourself so strong, so powerful, and know that nothing or no one can take them away. Your power is yours. Remain grounded, hold space for yourself, assert and keep your boundaries and values, trust and love yourself unconditionally. Nothing is more powerful than knowing you are everything and more already wrapped into one, and everything else on your journey is simply a divine blessing. A sequence of gifts, moments of love, gratitude and pure joy which taste so much more divine, so much sweeter, when you are not seeking outside of yourself, but just being as you are with complete trust and faith in yourself. The experience of life becomes so much more fruitful, more abundant, playful and full of laughter. The journey of self-growth and healing is destined to guide you back to who you truly are. Underneath all the fears, shadows, judgement, anxiety and uncertainty, at the very core of human nature is love. Pure love, non-judgement, overflowing with gratitude, playful, connected, in harmony and grounded in the present moment. Allow your true Self to peer through and shine.

Be the mirror to all you that you are seeking

  • The love you seek - learn to give that love to yourself

  • The acceptance you seek - learn to accept yourself

  • The approval you seek- learn to trust yourself

  • The understanding you seek - learn to understand yourself

Whatever we are seeking outside of ourselves, is a reflection of what we are lacking to give to our own Self, and also what we already have within. Step into your power, the power of knowing all is within and you already have everything you will ever need. The rest are simply gifts of gratitude and love.

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