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Ether + Air



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Dry, cold, light, subtle, active, clear, mobile, rough



Pungent + astringent




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Body Type


Vata types have a slim and lean build, with bony limbs and straight body shapes. Light in body weight and struggle to gain muscle tone, they usually struggle to gain weight but if they do they have the tendency to gain weight in the middle area. Features such as limbs, fingers and facial features are generally long and slim. In Western terms the vata body shape is known as 'ectomorph'. 


Dry, curly or coarse hair that is dark in colour. 

skin + nails

Dry skin that is cold with dark circles under the eyes. Skin that tans easily. Sensitive to cold, windy and dry weather. Vatas feel the cold much more than others with extremities of the hands, feet and nose. Difficulty sweating. Brittle and cracked nails that break easily.


Small active eyes that are usually dark in colour, with sparse lashes and the tendency to squint a lot. Prone to dry eyes.  


Smaller mouths with thin dark lips that are prone to dryness. Thin gums and irregularity of the teeth that are big in size.


Fast speech with the tendency to jump topics, forget what they were just saying or get easily excited. 


Always on the move and tend to act in sporadic bursts of energy. Can get tiered easily.


Irregular and light, moves like a snake.



Ether + Air = Vata



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Vatas have very active minds that can be restless but are creative with imaginative ideas. They are easily excited, friendly, enthusiastic, joyful, flexible, embrace change, open minded and tolerant towards others.  

mental ability

Creative visionaries that are quick learners with clear and alert mental clarity. Vata minds have a heightened sense for creativity and beauty, they are naturally skilled in the creatives fields such as design, writing, art and music. They are the most spirituality perceptive of the doshas. 


Good short term memory and are quick to memorise but often forgetful. Tendency to be in conversation then forget what they are saying. 

emotional temperament 

Vata types emotions can be unpredictable as their thoughts and feelings are in constant motion and change. Mood can change quickly and ban be indecisive, lack consistency and worry. Sensitive to their surroundings and environments including lighting and temperature. Often flighty and tend to jump or get startled easily.


Prefer being spontaneous and doesn’t like planning to far in advance. Irregular schedule, eating times, disorganised and tendency to keep clutter.



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Out Of Balance

emotional imbalance 

Anxiety, mood swings, fearfulness, panic, nervousness, tiredness, fatigue, over-worrying, over-thinking about the future, insomnia, fear, lack of focus, impatient, restless, ADD/ADHD. Vata types are prone to feeling wired, stressed and often don't stop until they burn themselves out. Usually feel tiered or crash in the late afternoon.

physical imbalance

Bloating, cravings, dehydration, constipation, chills, lower back pain, arthritis, aching joints, heart palpitations, head aches and migranes, ringing ears and irregular or absent menstrual cycle.




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 Variable and erratic appetites with irregular digestion. The tendency to forget to eat or skip meals. Variable thirst. 



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Vata types have light and restless sleep and can easily be woken or disrupted by noise. Creative, abstract or fearful dreams that usually involve running, flying or jumping. Vata's are prone to irregular menstrual cycles with pre menstrual physical and emotional symptoms. 





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Late autumn / early winter 



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Time Of Day

2pm-6pm / 2am-6am



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Old age