Corporate Wellness


We help your employees find balance

We help your employees find work-life balance, manage the stress of modern living, and bring mindfulness into their daily lives. Living with optimal health means that your staff members can achieve their goals and aspirations whilst feeling fulfilled in all areas of life. With Ayurveda’s nutritional and lifestyle guidance that focuses on realigning balance between the mind, body and spirit, it is entirely possible for your employees to thrive at work. We guide your team to a healthier way of being through interactive learning, health consultations and holistic wellness strategies to apply within and out of the workplace.


  • Improve mental, emotional and physical health of employees

  • Increase energy levels and overall vitality of staff members

  • Improve concentration and alertness

  • Encourage a positive and health conscious work force

  • Reduce abstenteeism due to ill health

  • Reduce the number of work stress related illnesses

  • Increase productivity, efficiency and self-motivation

  • Maintain staff loyalty and commitment

  • Encourage ambition and confidence to reach goals


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