Kapha Dosha • Water



Water + Earth


Heavy, cold, soft, oily, dull, dense, damp


Upper stomach, tongue, skeleton, fatty molecules

Time + Season

6am-10am / 6pm-10pm. Later winter / early spring

Body Type

Well developed bodies with a strong frame and gain weight easily. Full features, big calm eyes light in colour, oily and cool skin with soft wavy hair, thick polished nails. Regular and stable appetites with a slow burning digestion. Heavy and deep sleepers that do not remember their dreams. 

In Balance  

Calm, well grounded, truthful, loyal, reliable, patient, stable temperament, team players, good strength and stamina. Caring, compassionate, selfless and affectionate towards others. 

Out Of Balance

EMOTIONAL: Greediness, attachment, lack of motivation, laziness, depression, attachment to the past, objects or others.  

PHYSICAL: Feeling lethargic, cravings, water retention, allergies, congestion, prone to sinus and respiratory problems.

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