Pitta Dosha • Fire



Fire + Water 


Hot, sharp, light, smooth, slightly oily


Small intestine, liver, heart, blood

Time + Season

10am-2pm / 10pm-2am. Summer

Body Type

Medium build, able to gain muscle tone, medium sized eyes light in colour, straight hair, pink nails and warm oily skin. Medium teeth. Robust appetite and strong metabolism, extremely irritable when they become hungry or skip a meal. Moderate sleep with realistic or problem solving dreams.

In Balance  

Ambitious, confident, organised, focused, enthusiastic, adventurous, outgoing, goal orientated, understanding, intelligent, courageous, passionate, perfectionists, determined, team leaders, entrepreneurs. 

Out Of Balance

EMOTIONAL: Anger, jealousy, irritable, fiery-tempered, OCD, controlling, judgmental, easily over stressed, overwork themselves.  

PHYSICAL: Heart burn, indigestion, acid-reflux, burning sensation in stomach, acne, rashes, hives, excessive thirst, PMS, muscle soreness, inflammation in the shoulders.  

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