Vata Dosha • Air

cicis ayurveda


Space + Air


Dry, cold, light, rough, subtle, active, clear


Brain, ears, large intestine, bones, lumbar region

Time + Season

2am-6am / 2pm-6m. Late autum / early winter

Body Type

Slim build, light, struggle to gain muscle tone, small dark active eyes, small mouth and thin lips. Curly, thin or dry hair, dry skin and brittle nails. Irregular teeth. Irregular appetite and digestion. Light restless sleep with abstract and ethereal dreams.

In Balance  

Creative, active, visionary, energetic, joyful, optimistic, playful, flexible, open-minded, charismatic, embrace change and tolerant towards others, empathetic. 

Out Of Balance

EMOTIONAL: Anxiety, nervousness, tiredness, fatigue, over-worrying, over thinking about the future, insomnia, fear, lack of focus, impatient, restless, ADD/ADHD, prone to stress, easily overwhelmed.

PHYSICAL: Bloating, cravings, dizziness,chills, back pain, migraines, arthritis, aching joins, constipation, irregular menstrual cycle.

CiCis Ayurveda