Your Health Is A Book


The Science Of Life

The science of Ayurveda holds ancient Vedic knowledge that dates back over 5,000 years ago, developed by the sages of India. Although a vast medical science and the most powerful mind-body system health system there is, the way it has been carried over history and is expressed through the delicate elements of nature can be seen as artistic, creative or even romantic to some. It is gentle and nurturing, calm and forgiving- this essence of care and self-compassion is one that needs restoring in our modern way of life. The understanding and awareness that the daily practice of caring for your wellbeing was never meant to be a chore or a struggle, but part of your destined path to practice self-reflection. Simple rituals in your daily routine guide you to restore balance from within, so you can gracefully experience what it means to be in equilibirum, to have a mind and a body that are unconditionally doted upon, so you can have the freedom of health to create the reality you wish to live. A way of care of a more feminine nature, than the linear way we know in the West- more fluid, nurturing and restorative. As opposed to the masculine energy, engrained into urban living and city environments, that which can be experienced as rigid, straight and compressed.

Your Health Is A Book

To navigate the daily conditions of life in optimum balance and vitality, we should first reflect inward and begin to learn about our body and mind. To practice self-awareness is one of the greatest and most powerful tools you can have. In Ayurveda the human mind and body is seen as a book, to truly understand how to live our lives in optimal health we must read the knowledge from this book daily- just a page or even a sentence at a time. Develop your self-awareness muscle, and make the conscious decision to read yourself daily. Read in between the lines of the subtle communications from your mind and body. Physical sensations, aches, pains, tingles and temperature fluctuations- this is how they are trying to communicate with you. Every time we reflect inward, we tune into sensations and feelings that arise, we listen, notice and observe, we are reading these lines. Every time we act consciously to nurture and nourish ourselves according to our bodies subtle cues and we create space to check-in with our mind and emotions, just one conscious choice at a time we are reading the book. The overarching concept of Ayurveda is that the knowledge and power to heal from imbalance and disease already exists within ourselves, and nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. With the right tools, teaching and guidance we can learn to tap into the innate intelligence and learn how to live a life in true mental, emotional and physical harmony.

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