5 Reasons To Start Using Nasya Oil


What Is Nasya Oil Therapy?

The Ayurvedic healing therapy of anointing the nose with nasya oil is one of the most effective ways to receive health benefits for your mind, body and consciousness. Nasya is the administration of a medicinal herb based remedy or oil to the nasal passages, which offers nourishment, cleansing and lubrication. Using Nasya oil is a form of this treatment which quickly reaches the brain, mind and consciousness, and provides support to alleviate stress, release tension, clear stagnation and cleanse the nasal pathways to improve quality of breathing. In Ayurveda the daily care of the five sensory organs are crucial for maintaining health, longevity and vitality. The nose is the direct route to the brain and is known as the gateway to consciousness. It is also the entrance for the breath to enter the body, the breath being prana or vital life force for sustaining life, balance and clarity. Uncogested, grounded and regular breathing patterns are essential to ensure the flow of prana around the body and to the head, ensuring sufficient oxygen supply is nourishing all the vital organs, tissues and cells with the nourishment they need through the blood stream. Daily nasal application helps to alleviate any congestion, sinus and respitory issues which may be causing blockages, alongside reliving tension in the head, jaw, neck and shoulders. Nasya oil treatment can also aid mental and emotional stress and imbalances related to the emotions, memory and thoughts. It is particularly grounding for the Vata dosha and cleansing for the Kapha dosha.

5 Reasons To Start Using Nasya Oil

  1. Promotes concentration, mental clarity and sharpens the memory.

  2. Lubricates the sinuses and naval cavity which offers a barrier of protection from toxins, pollen and pollutants in the environment.

  3. Relieves nasal congestion, clears stagnation and improves breathing.

  4. Encourages clear flow of prana around the body which supports stress and tension relief, alongside preventing stagnation of blocked energy.

  5. Relieves dryness which nourishes the nervous system and aids in creating emotional stability, stable energy and vitality.

How To Do Nasya


Lying Down

  • Comfortably lie down on your back with your head slightly tilted backwards and nostrils opening towards the sky.

  • You may place a small pillow beneath your neck for support, or if you are lying down on a bed you may place your head of the edge of the bed.

  • Carefully place 3-5 drops in each nostril.

  • Take a big sniff and then rest for a few minutes allowing the nasya oil to penetrate.

  • Sitting Up

  • Sitting up, place a drop of nasya oil onto the little finger and insert it into the nostril.

  • Gently massage the inner walls of the nasal passage, ensuring all areas of the nasal membranes have been coated with oil.

  • Alternate between applying the oil to both the left and right nostril, until each have received an three applications of oil.



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