Oil Pulling 101


What Is Ayurveda?

You may have heard of the practice of oil pulling before as it continues to make an appearance in the wellness industry, but did you know it actually originates from Ayurveda? Oil pulling is the Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil around the mouth for oral hygiene. Referred to as Kavala in the Ayurvedic texts, the oral technique is where a comfortable amount of oil is held in the mouth and pulled through the teeth and around the gums. The health benefits include cleansing bacteria and toxins built up in the mouth, preventing tooth decay, alleviating bad breath and whitening the teeth. Oil pulling makes a powerful addition to your oral hygiene routine including brushing your teeth and tongue scraping first thing in the morning.

The Health Benefits Of Oil Pulling

  1. Improves breath

  2. Whitens teeth

  3. Prevents tooth decay

  4. Strengthens teeth, gums and jaw

  5. Heals bleeding gums

  6. Aids detoxification

  7. Anti-microbial benefits

  8. Removes oil-soluble toxins

  9. Improves digestion

  10. Prevents inflammation

  11. Boosts immune system

  12. Balances oral flora

What Oil Should I Use?

The best type of oil you should use depends on your Dosha.

  • Vata: Sesame oil is best for it’s warming and grounding qualities.

  • Pitta: Coconut oil is as it is cooling and soothe excess heat.

  • Kapha: Sesame oil for warming up coolness in the body.

You can also choose your oil based on the season. Sesame oil can be used in the cooler months for its warming properties, and coconut oil can be used in the summer for it’s cooling properties.

How To Oil Pull

Oil pulling may seem strange at first if it is a completely new concept to you, however it really is just an Ayurvedic mouthwash. It is the most natural and soothing oral hygiene technique you can practice, which keeps your oral flora and PH levels in balance, unlike chemical filled mouthwash which disrupt this delicate balance and cause more harm to your health than good. Oil pulling is best practised in the morning upon rising and after tongue scraping.

  1. Place 1 tablespoon of oil your mouth.

  2. Swish and pull the oil around the mouth, moving it around all areas and through the teeth.

  3. Start by practising oil pulling for up to 3-5 minutes, and work your way up to 15-20 minutes.

  4. Spit the oil into a bin. Do not spit the oil in the sink as it can clog the drainage system.

  5. Do not swallow the oil because it’s full of your bacteria, toxins and plaque.

  6. Rinse your mouth with warm water or brush your teeth using natural toothpaste after.

There is no need to stand still while your oil pulling. Making it a part of your morning routine means you can walk around, get dressed for the day ahead, journal and still perform your morning tasks. . Make sure to be careful not to swallow the oil and spit it out when you are ready to rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and drink your morning tea. Notice how clean, refresh and cleansed your mouth feels after!



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