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Water + Earth



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Heavy, cold, dense, oily, static, dull, slimy, cloudy 


Sweet + salty



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Body Type


Kapha types have well developed or curvaceous bodies, with broad shoulders and a strong frame. The tendency to gain weight easily and difficulty loosing it.  In Western terms the kapha body shape is known as 'endomorph'. 


Soft, wavy, oily and thick hair that is dark or light in colour. 

skin + nails

Cool, soft and oily skin that is pale with few wrinkles. Kaphas have the tendency to sweat a lot  more than the other doshas. Cool in body temperature but are sensitive to damp, wet and cold weather conditions. Thick and strong nails that grow quickly with well developed moons.


Big, calm and attractive eyes with long lashes. Usually blue or brown in colour.


Full mouth with smooth pale lips. Large, strong and straight white teeth with healthy pink gums.


Slow and calm speech. Can have a monotonous tone of voice.


Slow with the tendency towards feeling lethargic or unmotivated. 


Broad and slow, moves like a swan. 


Water + Earth = Kapha


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Kaphas minds are grounded, calm, mindful and slow. They are loyal, reliable, patient and truthful.


Good long term memory but are initially slow to memorise. 

mental ability

Well grounded and calm with good strength and stamina, in balance kaphas feel satisfied and content with life. They are naturally caring, compassionate, selfless and affectionate towards others. Often working in services where they are helping or advising others such as teaching, health care or consultancy. 

emotional temperament 

Kaphas are the most grounded and stable out of the dosas. They have a stable emotional temperament with the ability to remain calm and collected in most situations. 


Disciplined at keeping a steady and stable routine. Regular meal times and stamina for tasks. Untidy and unorganised in home environment.



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Out Of Balance

emotional imbalance

 Greediness, attachment and laziness. Kapha types are prone to depression with attachment to the past and attachment to material possessions.

physical imbalance 

 Feeling lethargic, easily gaining and holding weight, cravings. Kaphas have a tendency towards water retention, allergies, high cholesterol, excess mucous, sinus and lung congestion and are prone to respiratory problems.  




06 |


Regular and stable appetites, with a slow-burning digestion. Scanty thirst. 



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Kapha types are naturally heavy and deep sleepers, with the tendency to oversleep. They take longer to wake up in the morning and can sleep longer than most. Usually do not remember their dreams at all or have vague recollections of dreaming. Kapha dreams are related to water, rivers, oceans and swimming. Kapha's have regular menstrual cycles with minimal premenstrual symptoms. 



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Late winter / early spring



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Time Of Day

6am-10am / 6pm-10pm 



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