Self-Reflection Exercise


Affirmation : I Am Enough


Allow this affirmation ‘I am enough’ rest deeply in your being, let it rise in moments of self-doubt and fear. Know that you are enough, you are capable, you are worthy and you are more powerful than you are even yet to discover. The root foundation of all our behaviours, thought patterns and actions are controlled by how we value ourselves, how worthy we truly believe we are on a sub-conscious level. How many times have you heard the words from others or even ruminate in your own mind; i’m not smart enough, working enough, doing enough, achieving enough, wealthy enough, able enough, healthy enough, fit enough, slim enough, pretty enough, good enough, strong enough.. and the list goes on. As you step into conscious living it’s time to rebel against your own thought patterns, and i am here to tell you these low vibrational thoughts that seep through are not your highest Self talking. These programmed beliefs are not that from your most pure essence, but are talking from the the shadow layers of lower-ego conditioning which operate from fear, judgement and shame. The programmings that have been engrained into your delicate sub-conscious mind since your childhood, in either subtle or impactful ways, that your are not enough. We have all been subject to this global societal conditioning, either in our homes, family, peer groups, work environments, cultures, media, and society. But, we do have the power to set ourselves free and rediscover our true inner self worth.

Transform Limiting Beliefs

You do have the power to break limiting beliefs, and step up to own your self worth. The world needs you, and you need you to have full blown unconditional love and faith in yourself. The lower-ego operates from a space of lack, shame, jealously, scarcity, fear, judgement and comparison whereas the highest Self operates from love, freedom, abundance, compassion and power. You do hold all the strength within to transform your beliefs into that which serve your highest calling and greatest good. You hold all of it already within, it just takes conscious effort to begin to courageously undo the layers to get there. With small and gentle daily commitments you are able to transform.

Most limiting self beliefs we carry with us are the conditionings and programmings we absorb over our lifetime. Often rooted from childhood and into our adult lives through our daily habits, actions, behaviour patterns, thought cycles and the words we speak. Through societal, relational, educational, professional and governmental conditionings we encounter different levels of limiting beliefs. A key source being marketing and social media that are constantly feeding our delicate sub-conscious minds the internalised message that we are not enough. Enough exactly as we are, with what we already have, in this exact present moment.

Soothe your mind with the awareness that nothing exterior to your being can cultivate true wholeness from within than unconditional self love, acceptance, compassion and awareness. Nothing in any attached materialistic or tangible form can make you feel whole or label you as worthy than cultivating that essence from within. Let this be your daily affirmation, trust and know you are enough and everything you are doing is enough, in this present moment, this very moment right here.


If you were to have everything taken away from you; your status, your material objects, your job, your education and qualifications, your clothing and ego-based identity, your financial income, the post code you live in.

  • Who would you be?

  • What would you be remembered for?

  • Who are you underneath it all?

  • Would you be remembered for the love you gave to others?

  • The kindness, support, compassion, joy and happiness you shared?

  • The memories you created and the impact you had on others lives?

  • Reflect deeply with integrity on these thoughts.

  • Place your left hand on your heart

  • Breathe into your heart space

  • Think of a moment where you felt the deepest and purest unconditional love. Where your heart was overflowing with gratitude and in complete awe in a moment that felt like heaven on earth.

This is who you truly are

What we all are underneath the conditionings and curated idenitys, are vessels of pure undconditional love. Thats what we all arrived here as, before the world layered us with reasons to take us away from our innocent essence. But, that is our truth on the deepest core, and the healing and conscious living journey is the path back to our truth.

To create, share, give, receive and inspire moments of love.

When the world trys to give you reasons to question your worthiness, remember who you are, who you really are beyond it all, beyond the chaos and confusion. Don’t step out your front door in the morning without remembering who you are, before the world decides for you. You are enough. You are whole. You are powerful. You are love.



Self Reflection Exercise
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