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Present Moment

With the many triggers of overstimulation in our day-day living that can impact on our senses, it can be all too easy for our doshas to fall out of alignment in a fast paced modern world. Our bio-physical forces are in a natural state of adaptation to the world around us in every given moment. When living in urban environments with the fast paced city vibration, synthetic lights and digital overload, conscious tools are benefical to ground our energy back into balance. Simple mindfulness tools can help to anchor our minds and physical vessels back into the present moment- exactly where we are meant to be. Mindfulness can help restore the doshas back into subtle equilibrium to bring you out of attachment to the past (Kapha imbalance), stress of the now (Pitta imbalance) and over-worrying of the future (Vata imbalance).

Mindfulness Exercise

Try this simple grounding technique anywhere at anytime to bring you back into clarity and the present moment. Create mindful awareness by bringing an intention to the practice. Eg- I ground down into the present moment, i am exactly where i am meant to be.

Spend 1 - 2 minutes on this exercise when possible. If you are commuting or on the go and feeling anxious, you can use this practice as a 30 second scan to allow you to check in with your self and surroundings.

Feel your self sink into the present moment, and let any worries about the past or fears of the future melt away and disolve. They are just thoughts in your mind and let them pass like moving clouds in the sky. Now, take a deep breath and bring your conscious awareness to your senses. Begin to slowly take note in your mind of:

  • 3 colours you can see

  • 3 sounds you can hear

  • 3 textures you touch

Breathe deeply into your heart space, with all your minds focus on the visuals and sounds of your current surroundings. Really take the time to notice the small details and absorb yourself into the present moment. Feel your feet ground into the earth below you and know you are always supported. You hold all the power to soothe your mind of worry.

  • Inhale love and gratitude.

  • Exhale worry and fear.

  • You are exactly where you are meant to be.

  • Life is happening for you, not to you.

  • Trust that you are divinely supported always.

  • Live life in the present moment, not in the past or the future.

  • But in this very moment right here, this is where life is happening.


Mindfulness Practice
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