100 Conscious Self Care Ideas

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With every act of self-care your authentic self gets stronger, and the critical mind gets weaker. Every act of self care is a powerful declaration: i am on my side, each day i am more and more on my side.

- Susan Berry

100 Conscious Self-Care Ideas

  1. Nurture yourself with unconditional self-love

  2. Practice self compassion

  3. Daily self acceptance

  4. Have trust, faith and confidence in yourself

  5. Belly laughter and having fun is the best form of healing

  6. Make time for rest and relaxation

  7. Be playful and silly- let your inner child be free!

  8. Prioritise connection and quality time with yourself

  9. Speak to yourself with kind words

  10. Write a gratitude list from your heart

  11. Allow yourself to receive love and joy

  12. Give yourself care, protection and forgiveness

  13. Help others with the intention to spread love and kindness

  14. Volunteer to help others, the environment and causes in need

  15. Share your gifts, advice and passions

  16. Practice self-awareness and reflection

  17. Spend time in nature and the fresh air

  18. Connect bare foot with the earth

  19. Bring nature indoors with home plants

  20. Connect palms of your hands to trees and flowers

  21. Learn how to garden and connect with nature

  22. Buy yourself fresh flowers

  23. Listen to the birds singing

  24. Spend time with animals

  25. Practice yin or restorative yoga

  26. Stretch when you wake up and before you go to sleep

  27. Get your body moving to the point of light sweat

  28. Explore new places

  29. Exercise in a way that brings you joy

  30. Go on new adventures and travel

  31. Take long walks in nature with no digital distractions

  32. Get creative and practice art, designing and drawing

  33. Write letters of gratitude to yourself and loved ones

  34. Be free and sing from your heart

  35. Learn new creative DIY and making skills

  36. Make time for dancing and expressive dance

  37. Read or write uplifting poetry

  38. Listen to soothing music

  39. Take yourself on a date doing what you enjoy the most

  40. Take time to read educational and inspiring books

  41. Go to an exhibition or gallery

  42. Try something new

  43. Choose to cook nourishing whole foods

  44. Stay hydrated and sip warm water throughout the day

  45. Drink cleansing and calming herbal tea

  46. Cook with healing herbs and spices

  47. Make home cooked meals with love and eat mindfully

  48. Grow your own herbs and vegetables

  49. Buy organic foods as much as your budget can provide

  50. Choose plastic-free and sustainable products

  51. Eat foods locally sourced and in season

  52. Use eco-friendly and toxic free home products

  53. Use natural, organic and toxic free skin, makeup and body products

  54. Daily natural skincare morning and evening routine

  55. Create a sacred healing space at home

  56. Have a daily loving self-care routine

  57. Create ritual and intention in all self-care practices

  58. Grounding morning routine

  59. Calming evening routine

  60. Use healing mantras

  61. Read inspiring affirmations

  62. Spend time in meditation for 5-20 minutes daily

  63. Practice mindfulness and conscious living

  64. Journal for 5-20 minutes daily

  65. Soak in the bath with essential oils and candles

  66. Relax in comfortable clothing with candle light

  67. Go to bed by 10.30pm and rise with the sun

  68. Keep your home and space clean, tidy and organised

  69. Use CICIS CHECK IN to stay mindful and check in with yourself

  70. Stay organised and plan your schedule for the week

  71. Practice calming breathing techniques

  72. Practice warm self oil massage

  73. Tongue scrape first thing every morning

  74. Make oil pulling part of your morning routine

  75. Detox in the morning with dry brushing

  76. Smudge and cleanse your space / aura with palo santo or white sage

  77. Go to healing sound and gong baths

  78. Practice Ayurveda and balance your dosha

  79. Work with reiki, crystal and energy healers

  80. With your hand on your heart allow all emotions to be expressed

  81. Never suppress emotions and always allow them to be felt

  82. Place your hand on your heart when crying and let it all out

  83. Release your worries to the universe

  84. Forgive yourself and others

  85. Let go of that which no longer serves you

  86. Ask for help and support when you need it

  87. Be open to receiving support and guidance

  88. Reprogram your limiting sub-conscious beliefs

  89. With love hold space for anger, fear and sadness

  90. Questioning your conditionings with self-awareness

  91. Own your shadows and darkness with unconditional love

  92. Grow with strength and courage by facing fears

  93. Set boundaries that protect your mental health and wellbeing

  94. Honour your moral values and ethics

  95. Surrender to healing your inner child with divine love

  96. Release traumas and pain that no longer serve you

  97. Have the courage to heal ancestral wounds

  98. Connect to source, your higher self and raise consciouness

  99. Honour, respect and embody your self-worth and power

  100. Remind yourself we are all one and be kind to everyone you meet


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