The Art Of Self Care

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The Art Of Self-Care

There are many layers of vast knowledge and depths to the ancient science of Ayurveda, but one gentle path we can all take guidance from is the Ayurvedic art of Self-care. Practices that rest, restore and rejuvenate the mind and body so you can experience the fruits of life in true health, and what it means to be well; mentally, emotionally and physcially. There truly is nothing more valuable than creating space for time to nurture yourself from within, to slow down and show yourself compassion for showing up daily. Make self-care a priority for your wellbeing, and then witness how other areas of your life effortlessly flow into alignment, when you are whole and nourished first. Fill your vessel up so much so, that the abundant overflow of your care is what creates your thoughts, feelings and choices. True health is when we are not thinking about health, and by creating space for this time allows you to check-in with areas of your mind and body that need tending to, that need your unconditional love so you can be the best version of you.

Ebb + Flow

Ayurveda is the awareness of human nature, the ebb and flows of our internal world in relation to the harmony of our external world. The knowing that when we nourish our internal Self this directly impacts the chain reactions of experiences in our day-day living. The way we treat ourselves is a direct reflection of the way we treat others and interact with our social, relational, professional and environmental responsibilities and connections. The art of this awareness is always to restore balance; to bring back, to soothe. Ayurveda shares the compassionate guidance that in each moment we are able to gently cultivate equilibirum back to our natural way of being, as our health shifts in an ever evolving flow and motion.

Winding Path

The holistic science teaches you the tools to come back to this space of grounding, calm and clarity; a state of Sattva. With external energies in our modern day living that can impact our mind, body and emotions, the path of wellbeing is not destined to be straight but rather a winding path of always coming back too. Coming back to the present moment, and knowing that in each and every moment we are given an opportunity to try again- to come back and try again. To practice self-care that will nourish and nurture you from within, no matter how far you feel you have drifted. To follow Ayurveda is not about making drastic changes to your lifestyle, but all about gently integrating daily Ayurvedic practices. It is the subtle changes we make that eventually evolve and form a sustainable way of life to last an entire lifetime.

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