Creating Ritual With Intention


Creating Ritual

Mindful awareness and intentionality are tools that guide us to create connection, meaning and focus into life’s every day experiences. Creating an intention create an anchor for our awareness to draw back to when we loose focus, and guides us to be in control of how we choose to behave and respond. With mindful awareness and intention we can focus on one moment at a time, and are able to fully engage with all the joys, pleasures and teachings it has to bring. We don’t miss out on life but appreciate it for exactly what it is. From this you can create ritual in your every day living and treat life like a sacred gift. By setting a positive intention for the moment you are in, you glow with gratitude and can enjoy the bliss of being content and calm in the present moment. Celebrations should not be saved only for ‘special occasions’, every single moment you are living is a special occasion and a moment to be grateful for. Creating ritual in everyday living is a celebration of life’s journey and appreciation for the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Choose to become present in your own life. Create ritual with sacred words, scents, objects and sounds to bring the power of healing and divine connection into everyday living.

Mindful Intention

By creating intention and dropping into the present moment, you are cultivating awareness and mindful presence to the experience. Sink in and create ritual into your every day living.

Below are some mindful intention examples to get you going. Each day you will feel different as your needs fluctuate, so use your intuition to guide your intention.

Morning Routine

I choose to ground and nurture myself before the day ahead. My health and wellbeing is sacred, and by putting my needs first i am able to be stay balanced through out the day.


I choose to respect, care and love for my mind and body with nourishing foods, thoughts, relationships and experiences. I am responsible for my own health and happiness.

Meal Times

I am so grateful for the nutrients and power from my food, that is going to nourish and heal every single cell in my body. The food i eat makes me feel grounded, energised and balanced.


I nurture myself with pure unconditional love with every act of self-care. This time is sacred for healing and restoring from within, and I cherish my mind and body with compassion.


With every breath of fresh air outdoors i feel light, revitalised and calm. I am so grateful for nature that keeps me grounded, connected and in harmony with myself and the universe.

Evening Routine

With gratitude i let the day thus far melt away, and prepare my body for a deeply restful and healing sleep. I am so grateful to have a safe and warm sanctuary to sleep in at night.



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