Ayurvedic Morning Rituals


In Ayurveda ones morning routine is the key to laying the foundation for your health and vitality. It is understood that the way we start the day sets the tone, energy and mindset we choose to carry with us into the day ahead. Having consistent rituals through a morning routine act as a support system to keep your mind-body grounded, nourished and in balance. Your morning routine doesn’t have to be long and should never feel like a chore, but be a part of your day that feelings nurturing and a sacred time that you look forward too. Morning rituals can be sacred time for solitude and introspection that supports you to feel at ease from within, and potentially be the only part of your day where you get to spend time just with you.

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  • The quality of your morning is already set from the night before. Try to stick to a regular bedtime and get the most restorative sleep from 10pm-10.30pm until rising.

  • Rise at the same time each day in alignment with the sun, waking at 6am will mean the body feels alert and misses the lethargic heavy energy of Kapha after this time.

  • Be mindful and take your time when rising, let it be graceful and avoid rushing anywhere. Before you get out of bed express 3 things you are grateful for and set a loving intention for the day ahead.

  • Avoid loud music or noises, allow your mind to rise in silence and adapt to surrounding environments.

  • Avoid reaching for your phone first thing as this digital stimuli is over stimulating for the nervous system. A good tip is buying an alarm clock so all phones can be left outside the bedroom.


  • Eliminate waste to clear bowels and cleanse bladder of toxins.

  • Tongue scrape, brush teeth and oil pull with coconut oil.

  • Cleanse your face with warm water and follow a natural and organic skincare routine.

  • Dry brush to stimulate the lymphathic system.

  • Abhyanga with warm oils followed by a revitalising shower.

  • Hydrate with warm lemon water to stimulate the digestive fire and purify the liver.

  • Cleanse your aura with palo santo and a spritz of agua de florida to protect your energy.


  • Create space to connect with your mind, body, emotions and spirit through ritual and self-care.

  • Pranayama/breathwork to connect to the source of life which is the breath.

  • Meditate to ground into your internal calm and to connect to your heart. Use a healing mantra, visualisation or send a prayer for yourself, loved ones, humanity and mother Earth.

  • Move your body through light movement such as gentle stretching, Yoga or intuitive dance. Get connected to your body while stimulating digestion, cleansing toxins and releasing stagnant energy.

  • Journal to check-in with your holistic needs and soothe the mind. You can focus on expressing your gratitude, setting intentions for the day or letting the sub-conscious mind spill onto the page to clear any thoughts that need anchoring down to prepare for the day ahead. Listen to the guidance of your body and emotions each morning and intuitively see what you need.

  • Nourish your body with a light, warm and nutritious breakfast to fuel you until midday.

  • Start the day feeling grounded, calm and full of gratitude.



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