3 Ways To Start Your Day With Gratitude


Start Your Day With Gratitude

Starting your day with gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to rise in the morning, set your mindset for the day ahead and remind yourself of what truly makes your heart feel full and that which you value most in your life. The frequency of gratitude itself is a potent healing vibration for the mind, body and spirit. It allows you to transcend into a higher state of awareness that brings a deep sense of calm and inspires you to be thankful for the many blessings that you are fortunate enough to have. With gratitude you have everything, but without it you have nothing. When we see the world through the lenses of gratitude we see with wholeness, abundance and connection.

Power Of The Mind

Practising gratitude when you rise is a powerful way to begin to integrate it as a foundational part of your daily living and care for your mental health. The mind is the most powerful tool we have and true health begins by planting positive seeds of inspiration and empowerment within its landscape. In any given moment you can choose to activate higher vibrational thoughts which then create a positive influence on your emotions, behaviour and attitude, and when you make the choice to practice gratitude daily you can begin to watch the beauty and deeper connection to life unfold in front of you. To see the gratitude in all that has been perfectly orchestrated for you, even in the ‘mundane’ or challenging moments, expands your mind to realise there is not ever a single moment that isn’t blessed with something to be grateful for. You just have to open your eyes to see it, that everything is here to teach you for your highest good and gift you creations of love and growth.

Beyond Victimhood

You have to go beyond the Ego of victimhood, scarcity and lack and rise into the heart of your Highest Self who operates with love, prosperity and wholeness. If you desire peace and balance in your life and want to integrate tools to help support your mental well-being, then it would be very beneficial to consider to start practising gratitude in your day-day living. You will reap the inner glow, radiance and peace of one who is truly thankful for life. Gratitude is not just focusing on that which feels naturally easier to be thankful for, but it is pure love and appreciation for the whole spectrum of your life’s journey, the highs, lows, exhilarating, messy, confusing and painful. Within all these moments there a blessings to count and lessons to be learnt, more often than not your gratitude will increase profoundly for the hardship in your life, as this is where the most powerful change and transformation often begins.


It is in these moments where true strength and courage that lies within is unleashed as you rise into your power navigating the paths which feel uneasy; that is everything to be grateful for. It is easier to be grateful for the ‘good’ things we experience, but to be equally as grateful for the obstacles and challenges is where transformation lies. With a mindset shift to a attitude of gratitude notice how your outlook feels lighter, in reality nothing around you has physically changed, but it is your perception that has changed everything. Everyone holds the power to transform their thought patterns and just by making a few simple changes to ones lifestyle, the most miraculous transformations and break throughs can be created. Remind yourself daily that you are the creator of your thoughts and reality.


  • Every morning when you rise before you get out of bed, take a moment to list 3 things that you are grateful for. This can be practised still lying down and cosy and warm under your duvet!

  • Express your gratitude list out loud, in your mind or jot them down in your journal.

  • Place your left hand on your heart space and deeply feel the sensation of gratitude through out your mind-body. Notice any feelings or rushes of love, joy, contentment and peace that you may be experiencing and set the intention to carry those feelings with you for the rest of the day.


  • Daily gratitude journaling is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your care kit for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

  • Connect to your heart and to this sacred time you are creating for yourself.

  • You can light a candle, cleanse your space with palo santo and enjoy a cup of soothing herbal tea.

  • Write down 5 things that you are grateful for and why.

  • Write down 2 challenges or hardships you are grateful for and why.

  • To start the day with a clear mindset make gratitude journaling a part of your morning routine. It can be practised when you rise and are enjoying your morning tea, or before you go to sleep as part of your night-time ritual. Just find what times work best for your schedule.

  • When we practice appreciation for the obstacles or hardship in our life, we can reap the lessons and wisdom they are here to teach us, and not label them ‘bad’ but as teachings of empowerment. I would highly recommend diving deep into the practice of showing gratitude for all spectrums of your life, not just the good but the difficult, challenging, uncomfortable and painful. They are an equal part of life and reality and this is where the deepest transformation lies. When you can embody gratitude for the pain or trauma in your life and see between the lines of its purpose for you, you step onto the path of empowerment over victim. When your shift your mindset you have the power to change your life.


Below are a few examples of morning gratitude affirmations you can use to get you inspired.

  • I am so grateful for this new day.

  • Thank you for a whole day ahead full of blessings, joy and harmony.

  • I am so thankful for the gift to experience another day of life.

  • I am grateful to simply be alive and breathing life into my lungs. It is a blessing to be alive.

  • I welcome with love gratitude into my heart.

  • Today i choose the power of gratitude.

  • I am so thankful i choose to see the world with gratitude.

  • With gratitude i attract more in my life to be grateful for.

  • Thank you for the blessings this day will bring.

  • I am so grateful for every obstacle in my life because it has made me who i am.

  • I am so grateful for every challenge that has made me rise higher into my power.

  • Thank you to the teachings and wisdom i have learnt from every hardship in my life.

  • I show myself gratitude for every time i choose my health, healing and happiness.

  • I am so grateful for the gift of every present moment i get to experience.



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