7 Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine


Why Have A Morning Routine?

Establishing a daily routine that is in alignment with the natural rhythm of the day is an integral part of Ayurvedic living to keep the mind, body and spirit in balance. In Sanskrit, dinacharya is your daily routine and translates to “to be close to the day”. It is highly recommended in Ayurveda to have some form of an established daily routine that guides you to be in alignment with the earth’s natural cycles, such as rising with the sun and going to sleep when it sets, and a set of habitual self-care rituals that allow you to stay nourished and well. Having a routine is essential for maintaining wellness, and gives you the opportunity to carve space in your day where you prioritise your own physical, mental and emotional needs.

Self-Care First

It is a sacred time for you to nurture your vessel, check-in with your thoughts and emotions, and to create space for you to give love to the most important connection that you have the gift of looking after; the relationship with your own Self. It is a known saying that you can not pour from an empty cup, which could not be more true, how can you be expected to navigate the journey of life with peace, joy and resilience if you are not balanced with stable health first? The practice of having a daily routine allows you to keep your cup full, so the wellness you reap may pour out into the lives of others. This way you are always left feeling whole, nourished and well. It is always the small changes to ones lifestyle that make the biggest impact.

Find Your Centre

Your morning routine is not meant to be a chore or strenuous, in fact, it is meant to be minimal, grounding and nurturing so you may navigate your day in a centred state with a calm mind. Everyone has the time to carve space for some form of morning routine, time goes where energy flows and into what you value the most in your life. If you truly value your health and are committed to improving your overall well-being, and it it means getting up a little earlier than usual, then that is a powerful choice you can decide to make and one that will just become second nature with time and practice.

Start Your Morning The Night Before

It truly is vital that the care of your mind-body is a the top of your priorities every single day, even if it just for 5 minutes on days where you are stretched for time, commit to that 5 minutes. In Ayurveda it is recommend to rise with the sun to align the body’s natural circadian rhythm with nature itself, this time will depend on the season and where you are in the world. The quality of your morning routine already begins the night before by getting enough sleep for the body to heal and function well. Getting use to rising earlier begins with going to bed earlier, by getting to bed by 10-10.30pm you get the deepest and most restorative sleep for the mind between these hours until 12am, followed by the regeneration of the body until you rise.

Wake Up Well

In Ayurveda having a morning routine is so important because it is known that the way you start your day is how you will feel for the rest of the day. If you start your day scrolling through your phone while leaving the house in a rush, miss breakfast, grab a coffee for an on-the-go for an energy spike, and are in a state of panic on your commute trying to get to work on time, you will continue to feel anxious, over stimulated and stressed for the rest of the day. With a strained nervous system before the day has even begun you are going to be pushing through the hours with low energy levels, brain fog and nervousness, this impacting your mood, blood sugar levels, nutritional choices and ability to handle any challenges that come your way. However, if you start the day with a peaceful morning routine, practiced your self-care rituals that leave your mind feeling calm and body nourished, checked in with your emotions and needs, set intentions for the day ahead and expressed your gratitude, you will carry this balanced energy with you for the rest of the day.

7 Benefits Of Having A Morning Routine

  1. Time of solitude to prioritise the care of your physical, mental and emotional needs.

  2. Sacred time to check-in and nurture the relationship with your body and Self.

  3. Start the day in peace, harmony and bliss.

  4. Remain in a centred state of balance throughout the rest of the day.

  5. Stable energy, mood and hunger levels for the day ahead.

  6. Calm mind that is able to make choices with clarity.

  7. Operate from a higher awareness of gratitude, connection and compassion.



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