Let It Go • Journal Exercise


Let It Go

Find the courage within you to let go of all that is holding you back, no longer serves you, and repeatedly takes you away from your inner truth. All that is dimming your spirits light, your power and radiance that is bursting to be let through, so you can shine just as you are destined too. Let go of that which takes you away from your calling home, the subtle calls back home to your authentic Self and who you truly are, underneath the many layers of what your programmed conditioning has had you think you are. You are so much more than you even realise, what is underneath is so more more powerful than you are even yet to discover. As we let go of that which no longer serves us we begin to remember. We begin to remember our truth, the truth of our being before we were layered with shame, fear, trauma, guilt and pressures. The truth that our most pure inner light and innate nature is unconditional love. We are containers for this universal light, the highest vibrational frequency is that of love, and we are vessels for this purity. We use this frequency to heal ourselves, to heal others, mother nature and the collective. Love is the most powerful energy source there is, and to let go with ease and grace we must do so from this high frequency of awareness, to transform what we are letting go into the energy source needed for the next step.

Step Into The Unknown

To let go of that which no longer serves you, should come from a place of faith, trust and knowing and not from fear. When operating from love you can cultivate mindfulness as to why certain choices, situations, enviorments or relationships are no longer serving your evolution, this is such a honourable practice of Self care. It can feel daunting to let go and to step into the unknown, but it is in this great unknown where you thrive, cosmic manifestation flourishes, you are able to take full ownership of your power and reap the deepest divine healing. It all takes place when with courage you let go of that which does not serve you, so you can make room for that which does to sow the seeds and grow.

Accept Change

When letting go is practiced from a conscious state of high vibrational thinking, as opposed to negative vibrational thinking operating from fear, anger or bitterness, you can transition with true gracefulness and lack of resistance. Letting go with unapologetic faith allows you to spiral into joy, healing and gratitude. Every cell in your body heals when we operate from these high vibrational frequencies. The only permanent in this human experience is change, nothing ever stays the same as we are constantly in motion and evolving in every moment. Being able to let go with maturity and grace is a key skill in life, for being adaptable to and allowing change. Being comfortable with letting go and change creates opportunity for growth, self respect and resilience, which can bring great liberation in any scale of dilemma or situation.

To be able to let go of that which is not aligned with your truth, say no, have full blown faith and divine trust in yourself, and navigate seamlessly on the path that serves you, heals you, and is your hearts truth?

That is stepping into your power.

When in the process of letting go, hold space to honour the transition. I would suggest to start with a journaling practice, and deeply care for yourself through it, with nourishing lifestyle choices and nutrition to get your mind and body into a Sattvic state of balance, calm and clarity. This will support your mind when you are reflecting, journaling or meditating on the situation. You can make observations from trust of listening to your intuition with a calm mind, and not judgement from the ego mind in a state of anger or frustration. Be honest with yourself, drop the judgment and allow yourself to be transparent. This is how we truly heal and take our power back. Allow emotions to rise during the process, when they do rise place your left hand on your heart, and tell the emotion which is rising they are welcome and safe to be felt in your body. Hold space and honour the emotion that needs to be held, do not resist but surrender with compassion. Do not suppress any feelings that are coming to surface, as this is where the spiral into emotional imbalance begins. Allow all emotions to be fully expressed with integrity, and i can assure you you will feel lighter and more at ease after.

Journal Exercise: Let It Go

Get comfortable, grab your journal, light a candle and pour a cup of calming herbal tea such a chamomile or rose. Take a moment to reflect on what it is you are wanting to let go of.

Self-Awareness Reflection:

  • How is this situation making me feel?

  • How is this situation no longer supporting my personal growth?

  • What are the core emotions underlying the situation? (Eg- fear, anger, sadness, grief) Hold space for your emotion to surface.

  • What is holding me back from letting go?

  • Be honest with yourself and reflect on the worst case scenario with realism and truth. Is it as bad as the mind is making it out to be? Drop into you heart space and face your fear with unconditional love. Allow yourself to sit with it as the observer, and feel the strength within you that you are able to handle anything that comes your way with grace. There is always a solution in every situation, and you already hold the answers.

  • List 10 reasons why you want to let this go.

  • Take a moment to visualise or meditate on how you would feel after letting go of the situation (Eg- relief, joy, proud, freedom).

  • List 10 positive reasons how letting go will benefit your mental health, wellbeing and overall quality of life.

  • List 10 reasons you are grateful for the lessons this situation has taught you. Take time to reflect on how you have grown from it.

Closing Note :

Dear (situation / person / ect you are letting go of) thank you for all the lessons you have taught me, you have taught me to take back ownership of my power and have guided me closer to my highest Self, as i am able to recognise what is no longer serving my growth and wellbeing. I am worthy of only situations that fill my heart with joy and support me unconditionally. With gratitude and unconditional love i let this (___________) go, so i can make room for what is meant for me to bring happiness, stability and abundance into my life. Thank you for all that you have taught me, but you no longer serve me.

Exercise Closing

  • Breathe into you heart space, on the exhale visualise everything you are letting go of leave your body and dissolve into the air.

  • Take a moment to thank yourself for showing up and taking this time to put you, your health and happiness first.

  • Cleanse your aura and space with white sage or palo santo to close the self awareness ritual.

  • Drink a soothing herbal tea and take some time to be out doors in the fresh air, connect with nature, call a loved one or practice self-care.



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