Healing Has No Time


Let Go Of Judgement

When navigating the health and healing journey unfortunately it is not uncommon to feel a sense of pressure on the time you need to take for your healing. The mind can act counterintuitive if it feels a sense of judgement, shame or fear, when your body and soul are desperately calling out for you to listen deep within, to pause, and take inventory on your overall wellbeing.

Any form of ailment is a sign that something deeper needs seeing to and restored back into balance. This pressure may come from yourself or even from those around who have not experienced the process of healing mental or physical imbalance, and for no fault of their own, may struggle to empathise with the depth, patience and dedication that healing the mind, body, emotions and spirit takes.

This could be family members, friends or colleagues in your professional or personal lives. Questions such as “When are you going to be healed?”, “How long does it take?”, “Are you fixed yet?” are more common than not. Although these questions come from a place of innocence from those who are genuinely concerned, when asked with repetition it can begin to place seeds of doubt within ones mind, if you are in moments of vulnerabilty taking your first steps into healing.

This could be in your first days, weeks, months or years of your path; which let me remind you; is completely unique to you and can never be compared to the healing journey of anyone else. Your soul already chose this journey for you and knows you have everything it takes to get to the other side. But on the days where you question everything and why this is happening to you, the seeds of doubt can make you question your body’s own ability to heal, and create illusion that it’s not working hard enough or fast enough to catch up with those with able stable health and the fast paced world moving by around you.

Healing Is An Infinite Journey

The truth is, healing is an infinite journey and it has no time. No label, deadline or time frame can ever be put upon your healing path, especially not from anyone outside of you. Only you define your healing journey, no one else. Acceptance of this truth will gift you the permission, comfort, and empowerment you need to keep trusting in yourself and the process, no matter what season you are navigating on your path.

In a society that has been so acquainted to instant gratification, patience is a virtue we must begin to remember to honour, especially when it comes to healing- it takes willingness, patience, and respect. If you are showing up for yourself daily and staying committed to the healing, even on the days it may feel like ‘nothing is working’, your body is doing the most profound job it can in every single moment. Your body is performing repairs, chemical reactions, cellular and molecular transformations, detoxification and healing processes beyond comprehension; all for you, because it wants you to be well and for your health to be restored, it really is doing the best it can and deserves compassion for doing so.

Your body will heal at the pace that the laws of nature have designed it too, not the pace that society has indoctrinated, as if our bodies are machines with mechanical structures that can be repaired with a quick fix. The pressure of putting the illusion of time on the limitless journey of healing, can be counterintuitive and even detrimental to ones mental and emotional needs. There will be intermediate milestones and breakthroughs where you will track your progress and reflect on how far you have come with gratitude, but the healing journey as a whole does not have a final time frame, you do not suddenly wake up ‘healed’. It’s a process, a journey and an exploration of constant discovery that teaches you the deepest courage, strength and compassion for yourself in the most unexplainable and beautiful ways.

Your Path Is Unique

Every path of healing is so unique and can never be compared to the next. For those of you that feel like you are healing under pressure, i invite you to gracefully put the judgement of yourself or from others about your healing journey to rest. Your body can not do the deep transformational work it needs to do if you are in the frequency of fear, to reside in the frequency of love, trust and gratitude is the most powerful medicine you can gift your spirit. This path is yours and it is taking you to extraordinary heights of wisdom, awakening and power that you may have not be discovered otherwise.

Within all adversity, pain and traumas lie the biggest blessings you will ever receive in this lifetime, true gifts of gold for you to reap its knowledge and wisdom. When the path gets tough and you feel like your at the bottom of the valley, choose faith and know that you have the strength to get through this. Your soul chose this path for you and every single pain, detail and confusion in it, because it knows you have everything you need to get through.

You will rise from the ashes on the other side the most pure, authentic and liberated version of you that you have ever been. Everything you are not will have melted away and like a phoenix you will be brighter than ever before. Keep trusting the process, hold your faith, stay in trust with yourself and remember, it’s happening for you, not to you.



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