“A true healer and guardian angel in human form. Carina is a master space holder, her wisdom of how to show kindness, compassion and her ability to shine light in the direction you need to go is breathtaking. She is calm, soothing and nurturing, a perfect person to go to whatever time you are at in your healing journey. She has helped me in ways i can’t put into words, she is pure mindful magic, and i would recommend her to any person of literally any age, you need to see Carina. She gives you the whole picture, day to night, physical body, soul and emotional body, diet and lifestyle. She makes connections between them all which ground you and give you direction towards your healing. Her passion is so clear and she is so connected, truly blessed to have been treated by Carina.”

"Carina has come to me like an angel. An absolutely wonderful space holder she knows exactly how to help you open up to healing. With her great knowledge of Ayurveda she makes beginning a journey of healing so simple, creating rituals within your daily routine to assist you in building good habits that allow you to enjoy self care and blossom in self love. She distinguishes and helps you understand the difference between your emotional, physical and spiritual being so that you can work on each area with intent. I was at a stage in life where I was so confused and fearful, Carina simplified everything and has helped me see through the fog and come out relentlessly smiling. I feel so empowered by this angel and she's always there to put trauma into perspective so you can heal in your own time and with confidence. Having only just begun my journey I know that I have a long road ahead, but with her support and knowledge I know I can combat anything that comes up along my path. I have come so far in such a short time and this is thanks to the amazing homework and practices created by Carina for CiCi's Ayurveda. Her approach is so calming that it will put you at ease immediately. Not only is it her mentality that makes your journey into Ayurveda so peaceful and meaningful, but her creativity in designing such simple worksheets with incredibly beautiful and calming branding and colour schemes that can really make you enjoy doing the work on your journey of self healing. If you are thinking about a journey of self healing and Ayurveda I would not hesitate to recommend the spiritual beauty Carina to anyone. "Everything is within your power, and your power is within you" and Carina will help you to find it."

“Carina has been a true gift to talk to, the energy she carries is mesmerising, honest and so comforting. Not only did her words of wisdom and Ayurveda teachings enable me to make more sense of life, but her gentle questions to me allowed me to become aware of myself without me even realising. Without Carina’s help I would never have looked at myself and life the way I am starting to see it now - with new eyes. I couldn’t be more grateful for the session as she truly has made me feel intrigued to learn about myself and my true purpose in life and with the few questions she had asked me we both unravelled my answers. I am looking forward to what I can manifest in life alongside Carina’s help and energy. Thank you so much I am truly truly grateful.”